Tai Chi Studio has been privileged to offer lessons in beautiful Orange County, California since 2000 and is committed to preserving the principles and fundamental teachings of Tai Chi combined with scientific approaches, application techniques and diagrams illustrated by our Master/professor, Bei-Yi Wei. As a group of dedicated life-long enthusiasts, we proudly practice and teach the traditional 24 Forms of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Our motivation and objective is to achieve a clear understanding of health and well-being through the power of Chi (Energy). This powerful Chi circulates through our bodies, our surrounding earth, and our opponents. Through thousands of years of practice and refinement, this martial art has an overwhelming array of benefits attested to by our current students, including lowered blood pressure, dramatic stress reduction, an increased awareness of relaxation, relief of back, shoulder, hip and knee pain, and other areas.

Tai Chi Studio emphasizes the integration of scientific training with step-by-step personalized approaches. Our studio teaches Yang Style forms, breathing/meditation and fluid body movements that will ultimately develop your Chi. This internal energy strives to advance health and well-being.

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It is our hope that you will join us and achieve the mental balance, peace of mind and healthy spirit that is attainable through the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan. For more information, please email us.

From Master Bing Luh

Welcome and thank you for your interest in OC Tai Chi Studio!

As a devoted student and teacher to the ancient Chinese tradition of Tai Chi Chuan, I have been taught through old–world masters, form and focus to the end which few people know or recognize in our modern world.

With over twenty years of learning and teaching, my aim as a mentor for those who seek to learn Tai Chi Chuan is to make the depth of knowledge passed down through the art of Tai Chi Chuan available to all committed to developing a healthy, natural way of life.

By practicing and ultimately embodying the principles in Tai Chi Chuan, one starts to manage their own well-being. In truth, it is an inner journey; a very practical, measurable way to reclaim your own power of spirit: your essential creative energy.

The fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan hinge heavily upon the development of a strong mental concentration and focus besides physical conditioning. Through my experiences as both a teacher and a student, it is this aspect that I most often see overlooked. It has been both my goal and my intention to return to this old-world style of developing the mind together with the body; as one cannot simply go through the motions to reach inner peace.

As well, my qualifications include a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and it is my belief that my abilities both through formal education, professional experience and personal research allow me a unique ability to relate and mentor people of all different backgrounds, experiences and skill levels.

Thank you again for your interest.

Bing Luh,
OC Tai Chi Studio