What Our Tai Chi Students Say

“In my late 50s I started to notice that my joints were very stiff every morning and really did not improve much during the day. I started tai chi with Bing in hopes that I could limber-up and regain some mobility that I feared lost forever. Tai chi let me accomplish that and more. After about six months with Bing, I have regained the mobility I had 20 years ago. What’s more, I have improved my meditation skills, acquired some self defense moves and begun to learn how to move my “chi” or energy to where it’s needed in my body. I know that I will never be a tai chi master, but I have regained a part of life I thought gone forever with renewed strength and energy. It’s never too late to start!”

Gary L. Oberts, Geologist

“In just six months, I have improved my balance and flexibility due to Tai Chi. Master Luh is an excellent teacher and exhibits great patience with his students. He takes the time to explain the philosophy behind Tai Chi and how it is to be applied in the forms. It has been a very enjoyable experience.”

Dave Corder

“I thought I would let you know about some of the results I am experiencing because of my Tai Chi practice. I have had unstable emotions for more than 30 years. Now, since my first Tai Chi class, I am about 80% better. I am able to feel emotions without feeling as overwhelmed. In the past, I have also had symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. This has gone on for many years, and I felt ill more often than I felt well. Now I have much better energy and stamina, and I am sick much less often. Thank you for your willingness to teach. I look forward to continuing to practice.”

Steve Harclerode

“Stress triggers suffering–physical, emotional, and spiritual. Bing Luh’s approach to tai chi–a combination of gentle movement, meditation, stretching, and mental focus–is the solution. I love Bing’s reverential yet light-hearted approach to sharing this ancient practice. Thanks to Bing, I’m more flexible, physically and emotionally, and more balanced. Bing is the ideal teacher for the newcomer to tai chi. He is a treasure in my life and the tai chi practice he has given me is a source of emotional strength and calm. Call him today and get going on the journey of a lifetime.”

Michael Levin, business owner, Irvine

“I began Tai Chi training for the purpose of stress relief. I have found the classes to be very useful, providing me with stress relief techniques I use daily. In particular, the deep breathing techniques have been very useful and enlightening. After about 6 months of training I received unsolicited comments from several business colleagues saying they had noticed a difference in me and wanting to know what I had been doing to gain such new calmness! As an extra bonus, my balance and flexibility have also both improved.”

Evelyn Flanary, Finance VP

“I began Tai Chi classes with Master Luh to regain my flexibility and range of motion I had issues with my ankle, leg, and neck. After just weeks, I felt much stronger. The added benefit was that I felt much less stress and more clear of spirit and mind.”


Learning and practicing Tai Chi and meditation with teacher Bing Luh in the past two years have relieved my long time lower back pain. With his attention and guidance in an enviroment he created i have gained enormously in terms of my concentration, relaxation, calmness and peaceful mind. it has been wonderful experience learning with him.

Paulette Vitello

“Tai Chi has increased my flexability and balance since I started a couple of years ago. I also enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that is part of Tai Chi. I recommend it to everyone, and it’s never too late.”

Cynthia Coad, Educator

“For Stillness of Mind and Body,
For Energy Renewal and
For Beauty of Movement
Bing’s Tai Chi class is
a Treasured Source.”

Phillis Rubel, Retiree

“To me Tai Chi has been quite a good experience, my stamina has gone up. I feel much better everyday due to any increased energy. I enjoy learning the beautiful movement and appreciate Mr. Bing Luh teaching and this way of life.” ~ Bertha, Retiree

“Through the practice of Tai chi I was able to improve the mobility on my left knee, (I was not able to bend my left knee from a soccer injury 30 years ago). it took me about 8 months of exercise in Tai Chi but finally I was able to bend my legs. I reduced my weight (15 pounds), and my high blood pressure from 165 to 140, and I have also increased my energy stamina to allow walking for a longer time without feeling tired, so it has been a great improvement on my health.” ~ Aztin M., Retiree

“I have been practicing Tai Chi for several years before I started taking classes at Orange County Tai Chi Studio. When I met Master Bing Luh, I started to understand what Tai Chi is really about. When I saw him showing me Tai Chi movement for the first time, I realized right away that my teacher’s knowledge and control of inner energy is exceptional. Master Bing Luh is sharing this ancient treasure of Tai Chi with real passion and honesty.”

Marina Police, Graphic-designer