What is Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) is often referred to as “Meditation in Movement” because of its graceful appearance. It is a martial art that combines flowing physical movement with Chi circulation, breathing, and stretching techniques. Based upon the 3000 year old Chinese philosophies of Ying & Yang and the Five Elements, Tai Chi promotes health, well-being and longevity. Consisting of a sequence of smooth flowing movements, Tai Chi integrates the mind AND the body.

Physically, the body moves to a specific motion in order to compel the flow of internal energy. This energy is called “Chi” and its purpose is twofold.

Primarily, Chi is our life-energy, the source of our internal thought, control and focus. Secondly, Chi also acts as the energy with which we self-heal. The focused circulation of Chi relaxes the mind and alleviates the stress of our body. Improved blood circulation, balance and improved mobility are but a few of the visible results of increased Chi strength.

Regular practice offers a low-to-no impact exercise for the limbs, hips and torso as well as Chi generation and distribution which acts to gently “massage” the internal organs to the result of increased energy and improved health and well-being regardless of age, gender or condition.