Roots of Tai Chi

The philosophical term Tai Chi was first described in two Chinese Taoism books; Book of Change and Tao De Ching written around the 2nd millennium B.C.

After researching and observing natural phenomena, philosophers such as Lao Tze, and Chuan Tze arrived at the conclusion that everything in the universe was cyclical. Tao is translated as the “Path”, or the “Road”.

The Path encompasses living quietly, simply, disciplined and in tune with the cycles of nature in order to achieve harmonic life. The Taoism philosophy upholds two fundamental principal notions called Ying and Yang. Ying and Yang exist and move in opposite directions within a shared circular boundary. Because they move as opposites, they are able to achieve a natural balance. They compliment each other to achieve natural harmony. Thus the classic symbol ☯ was formed. The ultimate effect of this harmony, according to Taoism, is one’s physical health (Yang) and spiritual well-being (Ying).