Modern Tai Chi Chuan Styles

The modern forms of Tai Chi are derived from the martial art teachings of the Chen family at Chen’s village in northern China.

Beginning in the mid 1800’s Yang Lu-Chan, founder of the Yang style form, learned martial art from the Chen family.Yang Lu-Chan modified the movements into a new type of martial art motion merging Chen’s techniques with Taoist Ying and Yang philosophical theory.

The adapted form is called Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and was first taught publicly in Beijing. It soon became popular in martial arts circles as an advanced self-defense technique. This art was passed down from father to son. The grandson of Yang Lu-Chan, Yang Chen-Fu simplified and standardized Tai Chi Chuan to promote physical health. This popularized the Yang style and millions of people around the world practice this style.

Tai Chi Chuan has been highly valued as one of the treasure of China. Through the years of evolution and development, there are five primary styles in Tai Chi Chuan. They include: Chen, Yang, old Wu, Wu, and Sun. The Yang style is still the most traditional and popular in China and most of the world.